Happy Halloween

Thank you for visiting the Downtown Food Pantry website.  
The Downtown Food Pantry
serves the residents of
Lamar County Texas.   
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The Downtown Food Pantry is an Equal Opportunity Provider.

Board of Directors

  • April Carl - President
  • Marc White - Vice-President
  • LeAnn Barbee - Secretary
  • Lori Benson - Treasurer
  • Sammy Player
  • Beth Shelton
  • Gary Young
  • Barbara Eatherley
  • Linda Flippen
  • Scott Kennedy
  • Don McCaskill


John Kirkman - Executive Director

Chuck Burton - Director of Operations

Janet Allen - Custodian

Mission Statement

To feed the hungry of Lamar County with no regard to race, religion, sex, or country of origin. To deliver the food as efficiently as possible always being cognizant of the resources we have been given.​