Board of Directors

  • Marc White - President
  • Sammy Player - Vice-President
  • LeAnn Barbee - Secretary
  • Lori Benson - Treasurer
  • Benny Dollins
  • Beth Shelton
  • Stephanie Dillen
  • Barbara Eatherley
  • Linda Flippen
  • Scott Kennedy
  • Don McCaskill


John Kirkman - Executive Director

Chuck Burton - Director of Operations

Janet Allen - Custodian

The Downtown Food Pantry, Paris, Texas,  is accepting applications for the position of Executive Director.  MAIL (only) a cover letter,  resume and the completed application to:

Sammy Player

4115 Oleander

Paris, TX.  75462  

Applications will be taken until July 22, 2016.  No phone calls please.  

The Downtown Food Pantry is an Equal Opportunity Provider.